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Thank you for coming to our marketplace for sublimation designs and blanks! I am so happy you are here with me exploring the world of sublimation! I just have a few things to note, you need to be joined into the group “Desperately Seeking Tumblers” in order to have updates on shipping, new products, and other FREEBIES! I will be adding FREEBIE designs to the group access page frequently so please make sure you are added!

Wave of Design- Sub Edition is a marketplace platform that allows vendors/sellers of specific blanks or designs to sell in their own shop on the site. Wave of Design- Sub Edition’s main goal is to create a one-stop-shop for everyone! With that being said, if you purchase banks and receive two different shipping charges, it is because you purchased blanks from two different businesses/shops just like you would if you were to buy on Etsy.
Thank you for supporting small businesses during this time! I know the site does not have much on it right now, but I am working on contacting more vendors as we speak!
If you have any questions or need advice on how to use a blank please contact the shop owner.
Everyone is amazing! Happy pressing everyone!
-Shanea Barickman, Owner

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Hello! No free designs this week but come back next week for more!

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