Shimmer Cups

Shimmer cups are sublimation ready, with a special coating that provides a shimmer and glow! These are so beautiful to see under the rays of the sun!

20oz Skinny Tumblers ready for Sublimation

Shimmer cups are available in multiple colors! We have options for small and bulk order types! Orders that are 24 cups and less will be shipped to you as our bulk manufacture orders come in. We keep everyone informed of shipping times in the facebook group: Desperately Seeking Tumblers.

We also have an option for bulk express orders! If you buy per case (25 cups per box), the orders are processed within 1-3 days and shipped straight to you in 10-12 days. Orders per case are able to mix colors in one box. Check out our Bulk Buy Sample Cup Listing to get 5 cups of each color to test out! This is a great opportunity for small businesses to get their shipments fast!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

12oz Shimmer Wine Cups

Shimmer Wine Cups are also sublimation ready! These will be ready to ship in 10-12 days after each shipment with the manufacture. The shimmer is so beautiful in the sun! Great for summer adventures with your family!

Bulk orders for Shimmer Wine Cups are not available at this time. When they become available, they will come in a case of 50 cups per box and you can mix the colors that you prefer!

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